title coined at a breathless breakfast table

What also happened?

In February 2015, I spent 6 weeks contemplating where to go and what to do from my sisters couch in Hartford, CT. I'd just returned to USA without a plan after a year in Denmark. The dreams I'd clung to for four years prior had crashed and burned. I reached out to a former mentor and we had breakfast.

Over scrambled eggs and coffee, I tried to summarize several years of learnings in a frenzy - barely stopping for breath.

Incredibly patient and encouraging, she leaned in and with a twinkling eye, said, "And That Also Happened!" Immediately, my tension broke.  We laughed so hard as she had seemingly just coined the title of my future memoir.

Cut to today: Friday, February 10, 2017. Nearly two years later, in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm just getting around to the writing practice I’ve always dreamed of.

Currently I have two people holding me to TODAY as my deadline.  With one of the two threatening to not talk to me for a month if I do not get this thing up and running by 5PM.

Welp, it's LIVE baby!