Old band favorites & the intrigue of the artist duo breakup

Do you ever have that random urge to listen to an old favorite band, or a specific song, seemingly out of the blue? 

This morning while I was grinding my daily coffee in our living room, I was all of a sudden compelled to listen to the song, “20 Years” by The Civil Wars, the first song on their original album in 2011. 

I once spent hours reading the story of this duo, The Civil Wars.  It’s so fascinating! Their music always had a haunting, melancholic quality (hence why I was drawn to it) but this really amplified throughout their trajectory as a band...which, by the way, was very short.  

They only made it about 3 years, four Grammys, and one tour with Adele before it all crashed down (with tales of one wanting fame more than the other, jealous spouses, and possible romance having blossomed between them).  One of my former boyfriends, who was in the music industry, used to say that all male and female artist duos actively try to make it look like they’re in love while they’re singing with each other on stage.  

It’s apparently a surefire recipe for success as it creates the mystery, intrigue, and storytelling that we humans fall for.  All those questions like “I wonder if they’re dating!” and “Do you think they secretly like each other?” is such a media stir.   Can you believe how easily it gets us every time!?

And they’re still using it to sell themselves even as a broken-up band by making people want to listen to their last record just to find out “the true story” hidden in the songs! 

Anyways, this morning it was the first few words of 20 Years that really caught my ear: 

“There’s a note
underneath your front door
that I wrote, 20 years ago
Yellow paper
and a faded picture
and a secret
in an envelope”

It got me thinking... Who would you write a note to, even if you knew they might not read it for another 20 years? 

And what old favorite bands of yours have been on your mind lately?

Listen to the song if you must. And read NPR's version of their story here