A few Bold notes for Your Holiday Season


Daring, Brave, Courageous

Striking, Strong, and Bright

A Risk-Taking, Unleashed, and Adventurous




Like being David Bowie for Halloween, because you had all the fixins in your closet already.

Like becoming a contact improv guru while abroad and coming back to teach undergrads what you learned from rolling around on the floor with strangers in Denmark.

Like following Claus Meyer to his Uber and charming him into a quick selfie after he'd just talked to a 500-person audience in NYC.

Like moving impulsively to the Southwestern desert for a year after getting a job that requested a 24-hour decision.

Like wearing a tinsel holiday sweater all weekend every weekend for a month, just for the conversations; because everyone wanted to touch it.

Like going to karaoke by yourself in the middle of the night.

Like hitchhiking through Sweden and getting an impromptu invitation to breakfast with Vikings at a reenactment camp you just happened to stumble upon while roaming a forest after dark.

Like serving oodles of tacos (and animated smiles) to more than 10,000 people in a day on one of New York's most popular food trucks.

Like saying what you mean and meaning what you say (working on it). 

Like publishing this blog post on Christmas day. 


What does BOLD mean to you?

With your wackiest foot put forward,

I wish you a most vivid holiday celebration and fearless end to 2017.