Are Millennials just tech robots after all?

I've just called the friend who forced me to have this blog up by 5pm, the first time things went live (else never speak to me again). I was calling to say "Thank you!" because by some crazy stroke of lightning, people are still looking at this thing! And I'm reminded, goddamnit, I cannot keep avoiding the truth. I cannot keep ignoring this space I've created. 'Cause let's face it, we all know I ain't been doin' much writin'!

In the past two weeks, I've been floored by the number of outreaches and comments to me about this blog. WAIT WHAT!? People are clicking the link and reading this? I know I posted the site to a few places but "SHIT" the word that comes to mind. If people are actually looking, I'm gonna have to actually write something. 

I'm now frantically typing this post while eating microwaved sweet potatoes for dinner at 11pm.

I decided to call my friend tonight to prove wrong an earlier conversation I had this evening -- that millennials aren't all terrified of connection, and that there is still space for real human empathy.  I was at a Manhattan cigar bar with a bunch of corporate finance VIPs (that's a whole other thing), speaking with a man born in 1980. He's "worried," to say the least -- about millennial culture; how millennials cannot have real conversations, face to face, about real human emotions. Basically, we are all technological robots, caring only about external presence and superficiality of skills, with no real substance or craft behind our work or ideas. Again: all talk, no action -- an all too common theme. I questioned whether this is all really that bad and challenged him in the moment -- maybe we're all just incredibly business savvy! Maybe we're just born with an understanding at our core of how "me" as a person is inherently a business, because of how we can manipulate our identity through technologies -- we're all a personal brand, we're all something to sell. We know that everything can be monetized, and when you have a skill that can gather attention, why not profit? Why not gain followers?

But it's true, the days of picking up the phone to call someone, just to tell them "Hey I wanted to thank you for making me do this thing, even though I'm still not really doing it; you're the reason it exists after all" ...are just about long gone. Except for tonight.