My inspiration for starting Hello Miss Langley

I believe in exploring your own eureka moments, and by doing so, you find out what makes life, love, travel, and adventure, so special and sweet. 


This is the experimental writing project I've launched for 2017, to empower the quest to be personally flavorful and fully expressed each and every day. No more bottling it up and 'saving it for later.'  


You know what's weird?

I actually have a story about this.

In February 2015, I spent 6 weeks contemplating where to go and what to do from my sisters couch in Hartford, CT. I'd just returned to USA without a plan after a year in Denmark. The dreams I'd clung to for four years prior had crashed and burned. I reached out to a former mentor and we had breakfast.

Over scrambled eggs and coffee, I tried to summarize several years of learnings in a frenzy - barely stopping for breath.

Incredibly patient and encouraging, she leaned in and with a twinkling eye, said, "And That Also Happened!" Immediately, my tension broke.  We laughed so hard as she had seemingly just coined the title of my future memoir.

Cut to today: Friday, February 10, 2017. Nearly two years later, in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm just getting around to the writing practice I’ve always dreamed of.

Currently I have two people holding me to TODAY as my deadline.  With one of the two threatening to not talk to me for a month if I do not get this thing up and running by 5PM.

Welp, it's LIVE baby!