miss langley is my beloved nickname coined by a former colleague back in 2014. each morning i was greeted smirkingly with a "hello, miss langley!” as if to ask: what ridiculous things have you gotten yourself into this morning?

all at the stroke of 9am. that is to say, i’ve been told i get myself into a lot of ridiculous things.

plus, langley is my middle name, for the record.

(we didn't draw it out of just any hat!)

hello miss langley is a platform that’s eventually becoming something.

most likely, a warmly written companion to the work of performer, storyteller, art muse, and eventually becoming individual,

lenny langley


all i can promise you

if i’ve created it with honesty, truth, and intention,

i’ve done my very best.

if i’ve celebrated the carving of my path,

taken gentle care of my spirit;

if i’ve felt empowered by the unique self that i am,

i’ve done my very best.

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photography from the brilliants jon monaghan, adam courtney, j alden, tim obremski, or my imaginary selfie stick.